Main Instruments of Money Market in India

January 26, 2019

Main instruments of money market in India are: 1. Treasury Bills 2. Commercial Paper 3. Call Money 4. Certificate of Deposit 5. Commercial Bills!1. Treasury Bills:Treasury bills, also known as Zero Coupon Bonds are the instrument of short term borrowing with maturity period of less...

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Best Home loan repayment options

Buying that dream home can be rather tedious process that involves a lot of research and running around. First of all you will have to visit several builders across various locations around the city to zero in on a house you want to buy. After...

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How to earn money from mutual funds?

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a regular income or create wealth over a long period of time, mutual funds are your best choice. All you have to do is to choose a mutual fund scheme that matches your financial goal, investment horizon...

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Why Is BMI Important?

The body mass index, or BMI, is a calculation used to determine your level of body fat. In some cases, it can help a doctor determine your overall fitness and your risk of developing chronic diseases. Still, BMI is not the only factor your doctor...

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How to earn money from stock market

January 25, 2019

Every investor wants to make money in stocks, irrespective of the level of experience. It is easy to fall for the temptation, but one needs to have a good strategy in place to be able to protect one’s money and make handsome returns. Investing in...

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